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Services Provided

SEMPER Scotland currently delivers the following services:


Provide confidential information, advice and support to minority ethnic police officers and police staff on issues affecting them.


Advisory Body

Act as advisory body to the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), The Police Service of Scotland (Police Scotland) and the Scottish Government on issues of race equality and anti-discriminatory practices.


Policy Development

Recommend, review and support the development of policies and procedures to enhance the recruitment, retention and development of minority ethnic employees.



Assist in recruitment initiatives to promote the policing as a career of first choice and the police service as employers who are committed to diversity and social justice.


Community Relation

Work with young men and women from minority ethnic communities to fully participate in the socio-political process, and support the strengthening of relations between them and the police services.

Let's Work Together

  • We’re always on the lookout for new employees and volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a part of our cause, check out the many opportunities available at SEMPER Scotland. If you don’t find anything that stands out to you but still want to help, please contact us to make other arrangements.
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