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Analysing the Impact: A Closer Look at the Chief Constable's Report

As per the Chief Constable’s Report dated May 23, 2024, several key points were discussed regarding the Police Service, policing, and the state of crime. One significant development mentioned was the implementation of the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act, which aims to provide greater protection for victims and communities and to tackle the harm caused by hostility and prejudice.

In the first week of this legislation's implementation, there was a surge of over 7,000 online hate reports, although most of these reports were submitted anonymously and were not classified as hate crimes or non-crime hate incidents. To address this surge, capacity in the Contact, Command and Control (C3) Division was increased, and a surge in frontline policing was minimal. Subsequently, the number of online reports fell significantly.

To support the implementation of the new legislation, a comprehensive training program was developed and delivered for officers, including e-learning modules and in-person workshops. Additionally, a cadre of hate crime advisors and champions were trained to support colleagues, while C3 officers and staff received tailored training.

The report also emphasised the importance of clarity in policing's approach to reports of hate crimes and non-crime hate incidents. Interim guidance for officers on the recording of non-crime hate incidents was published, outlining a reasonable person and policing purpose test and providing direction that the details of the other party of a report would not be routinely recorded as part of a non-crime hate incident. Furthermore, efforts are underway to develop a policy and standard operating procedure around the response to reports of hate, aligning as closely as possible with the guidance of the College of Policing.

Overall, the report highlighted the dedication of officers and staff in delivering for the public every day, including supporting court outcomes in various cases, patrolling in response to anti-social behaviour, and working to prevent road-related harm.

In conclusion, the report serves as a comprehensive overview of the current state of policing, addressing significant developments and ongoing efforts to tackle hate crimes and ensure the safety and well-being of communities.

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