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Shining a Light: Police Scotland's Commitment to Accountability and Impactful Change

The latest Police Scotland Professional Standards Department Quarterly Performance Report highlighted several key areas. The report covers the period from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2024, and provides statistical information on the overall performance regarding complaints and conduct matters about members of Police Scotland.

One of the key areas discussed in the report is the impact on personnel and the broader implications for individual and organisational learning opportunities. It emphasises the importance of addressing welfare and conduct issues on a case-by-case basis.

The report touches upon the Preventions and Professionalism Programme, which includes bi-monthly meetings to drive prevention activities aligned with identified themes and trends from complaints and conduct investigations. It also emphasises the importance of ongoing engagement with managers to ensure a clear understanding of messaging.

It's great to see the increased transparency in addressing discriminatory behaviour allegations, with 159 received year to date. We are closely collaborating with the Professional Standards department to ensure this proactive approach continues to strengthen and evolve. This transparency and collaboration are essential to positive transformation in addressing these issues.

The emphasis on continual reflection as part of continuous professional development has truly inspired us. This approach ensures that the Professional Standards department adapts and learns continuously, leading to positive and impactful change.

The report concludes by mentioning The Standard newsletter, which focuses on the lived experiences of others and encourages officers and staff to consider the positive impact they can make on people from marginalised backgrounds. It also highlights the publication of Misconduct Outcomes, which provides insights into specific feedback related to hate crime and various forms of abuse.

The report illuminates Police Scotland's efforts to address complaints and conduct matters, emphasising the importance of individual, organisational, and community impact.

Emphasising the individual, organisational, and community impact is critical to creating an anti-racist environment.

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The primary drivers for the increase in allegations are Greater Glasgow and Tayside, with notable rises in the Race subtype, Gender, and sexual orientation categories.

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